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Henderson Care Center - Henderson, Nebraska
Henderson Care Center

HENDERSON CARE CENTER offers assisted living to seniors. Assisted living is a service for people who need help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living facilities are special facilities that span the gap between independent living communities and nursing homes. Facilities like HENDERSON CARE CENTER, are more focused on providing stimulating and enjoyable activities for a more fulfilling life. HENDERSON CARE CENTER is dedicated to providing a home for its residents that offers them quality, comfort and expert care.

Residents in an assisted living facility like HENDERSON CARE CENTER typically lead an active lifestyle but need help with some basic daily needs. Assisted living facilities offer services like assistance with medication, mobility, meal preparation, eating, bathing, dressing and housekeeping.

Our staff at HENDERSON CARE CENTER will make certain that dignity, privacy and freedom for you or your loved one, with just the right amount of activities, support and personalized care to keep life in perspective. Our professional staff at HENDERSON CARE CENTER is dedicated to providing all of our residents with a very nice community environment along with expert care.

Typically assisted living facilities like HENDERSON CARE CENTER require private pay in most cases. Assisted living is typically not covered by Medicare and Medicaid but there are some exceptions. The typical cost for assisted living is about $2800 to $3500 per month (U.S. average) for the basic program. Most facilities offer additional services at an additional cost. Please call (877) 311-6237 for assistance with this service. Everyone at HENDERSON CARE CENTER is considered a family member and is treated with care and respect that they deserve especially, in their golden years.

HENDERSON CARE CENTER offers Alzheimer's and dementia care service for seniors also. Dementia care centers like HENDERSON CARE CENTER are typically designed more for the safety of the residents. Since Dementia patients become easily disoriented, many facilities have very simple single floor plans and minimal decoration. Most outdoor areas are sealed off and access to the entire facility may be controlled using a security system. Please call (877) 311-6237 for assistance with this service.

In general, Alzheimer's And dementia care centers like HENDERSON CARE CENTER are focused on protecting seniors and extending their lives. As the residents get older and loose more of their mental capabilities, the task of keeping seniors safe gets more difficult. It is our goal to provide a caring environment that will help maintain and improve your loved ones present ability in self care and social interaction.

Henderson, NE 68371
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